Deer Management Plan

Sustainable Deer Management and the Public Interest

The management of red deer at a landscape population level as set out in the Code of Practice on Deer Management (The Deer Code) requires a collaborative approach. Deer are regarded as a natural resource and as such all those who manage them have a ‘responsibility’ to:

  • manage deer as a resource sustainably;
  • minimise negative deer impacts on public interest;
  • safeguard deer welfare.

The deer management objectives of members of the DMG currently contribute to delivering a wide range of public benefits as set out in The Deer Code. This plan will demonstrate how the DMG is currently contributing to sustainable deer management and will identify further opportunities for the DMG to deliver the Public Interest.

The purpose of the Deer Management Plan

The overall purpose of the Deer Management Plan is to provide:

  • An agreed framework for  the management of wild deer and habitat improvement in the area covered by the Group;
  • An agreed set of actions to deliver the public interest associated with sustainable deer management;
  • An agreed pattern of arrangements to ensure that the actions are implemented and their effectiveness monitored.

Deer Management Plan

The Deer Management Plan has now been adopted and is being delivered through the working of the Group. The DMG welcomes comments on the plan at any time. Please send comments to Linzi Seivwright (

Should you require any further information about the group, please contact the Group Chairman Martin Girvan (