Community Engagement and Deer Management Planning

On March 16th, the DMG held a public meeting at the Invermoriston Memorial Hall to discuss the development of the new Deer Management Plan which is currently under development.

The Deer Management Plan has now been adopted by the DMG and the Group very much welcomes feedback on the plan and local deer management issues in general.

Raising Awareness about Ticks

Deer are of great social and cultural value to Scotland. As one of Scotland top iconic wildlife species they provide a range of benefits, for example through their contribution to tourism and peoples enjoyment of the outdoors. Deer can, however, also lead to health and safety risks e.g. road traffic accidents and  their role as hosts in the reproductive cycle of ticks which may be vectors of disease such as Lyme disease. Ticks are found across Scotland and the DMG recognises the importance of raising awareness about ticks which may affect people living and working in the countryside as well as visitors to the area. For more information see Lyme Disease Action website as well as Best Practice Guidance.